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Clear out energetic imbalances from your home & workplace with Vastu applications.

Vastu Consultant In Kolkata | Explains -

The science of Vastu Shastra is a meaningful dialogue between mind and nature, enabling us to better understand the energy fields of various objects around us as well as those of invisible cosmic bodies that affect our minds and bodies, influencing our lives directly and indirectly.

1.  Main entrance is the mouth of a house brings in the main energies - The main door of house should be in the exalted positions only, of the entire house or apartment one owns or resides. 
vastu favourable door ways

The door you open each day determines your fate. 

Whether, you are employed or running a business or an industrialist - A vastu compliant house is the 'secret key' to success in all spheres of Life. 

If you are having problem in your business or other related fields, please do check out for vastu flaws in your house first.

2.  Cuts or extensions in the house in any direction is very bad, where you reside. Mainly cuts in South-west, North-east and South - east give tremendous financial problems and problem to the offsprings as well as to the occupants. 


There are many mysteries and secrets regarding the cuts & extensions and their effects on the occupants which are unfixable by any means.

Vastu as a science is related to geo-energies, so performing pooja, homas' etc. will be a waste of time and money.

3.  Try to keep the place of the dieties in the North-east of your house and at other places as per proper place availability and placement. 

Try not to face South while praying, sign of a bad omen. Do place the frames/photos of the deceased on the southern wall.

In other words do try to keep the north-east weightless and free from any clutters' etc. Aquarium is not advisable in the north-east. 

My personal views on temple placement is quiet different - 

"Even the Gods and saints who come into the physical body are subject to the powerful influences of the five elements of Vastu."

4.  Kitchen is the symbol of prosperity - Your kitchen should be ideally placed in the South East of your house and you should face East while cooking. 

Never ever face South or North while cooking.  

This region indicates smooth flow of money and good health for the family at large. Kitchen in the North East is not good from the point of finance.

5.  Centre point of your House is  very vital to maintain the equilibrium of the whole family. #Brahmsthal

Avoid any type of construction like pillar, wall, stairs, heavy weights etc., in this area like that of the north-east.

6. Master Bedroom is the key factor for the head of family -  Your Master Bedroom must be in South West to get stability in life. South east bed room brings anger. North East is the weakest part of your house. Master of a house must be given the strongest part of the house i.e., South-west where all the positive energies get accumulated.

Flow of magnetic field from North is more compared to South.  Head towards South is better because North axis will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in proper blood circulation, due to the presence of iron in the blood. 

7. Bath rooms and toilets  have their own adversities as well. Never face East or West while using the w.c..... It means Disgracing of the Sun God ! 

** I will not be surprised if one says that even with a N/E toilet he has no problem.

8. Underground water tank, boring or a well in the South West is the worst. It ruins the occupants of money and health. The ideal place is in the North-east. 

Water placement above ground level in south-west area is good.

9. Vastu is like holistic medicine and is a one time planning whereas, Feng Shui also recognizes the existence of positive and negative forces (Yin and Yang) except for the fact that the later attaches too much importance to gadgets, like fish tanks, flutes, mirrors, crystal balls, wind-chimes, lanterns etc. 

Remember ~ Too much of anything is not good for health. To much of these feng-shui gadgets may clash with each another, hence not of much importance.

10.  Most of the illnesses and cancers are born due to Geopathic stress. External sources of energy such as mobile towers and high tension power transmission are now under investigation to determine the extent of damage inflicted upon the human body and the environment.

# The central idea of energizing the human beings dwelling in living spaces constructed under Vastu guidelines was seriously undermined. Hence these external sources of energy are now are under investigation.

The wisdom of the ancient sages or Rishis compelled them to be pragmatic and embrace all phases of human development. It's your view to follow or not.

Why this discussion? Vastu Shastra as a science in not focused on remedies. Neither the fathers of this science nor did I found out measures and means for it to be used to fix mis-built buildings completely. It can be best compared with as a Mentally Challenged Baby getting the best medical attention.

All that I can assure you is to balance it and think twice before you leap if seeking a new home or workplace or for those who are experiencing the wrought of Vastu.

Blogging is my passion, I love to Blog what I think is fit for the general viewers and not for any expert from this respective field. 

I share what I have observed in my 2 decades plus in this field of the unseen forces of the earth with people worldwide. 

Happy Living with Vastu, Vaastu or Vasthu! The choice is yours'.

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